The Sleeper Initiative

Play as either the agent infiltrating the secure facility while evading roving guards and security systems, or as the technician in the surveillance van outside who monitors security camera feeds, hacks systems, and searches hacked databases for clues to assist the agent on the inside.

The Sleeper Initiative will be an innovative and episodic title for virtual reality which features asymmetrical cooperative multiplayer: both a VR player and non-VR player perform entirely separate but complimentary roles and must cooperate and communicate in order to evade detection, solve puzzles, and unlock the mystery behind the Sleeper Initiative.

As the VR player, you must nimbly sneak through the darkness, evading roving security and alarm systems, search your surroundings for clues, tools, and relay information to your partner in order to access secure areas and accomplish your mission.

As the desktop or mobile player, your job will be to keep an eye on security camera feeds, warn the agent inside of impending threats, guide the agent as they explore, as well as hack security systems and access remote databases in order to search for clues on how to solve puzzles, thwart security, as well as unravel the overarching mystery behind the Sleeper Initiative.